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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

JJ Goldberg BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, reported, via Israel’s Channel 10, that Prime Minister Netanyahu “has instructed his cabinet ministers to stick to a single message regarding the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement [announced last week and signed today in Cairo]…The message: “there is no possible positive component in the reconciliation agreement.” That’s right: Cabinet ministers are forbidden even to speculate on any conceivable upside.”

Apparently Netanyahu’s attempts to demolish government-sanctioned hope didn’t work. Rx free LEVITRA, Haaretz reported that:

An internal, confidential Foreign Ministry report advises that the creation of a Fatah-Hamas unity government in the Palestinian Authority would offer Israel a strategic opportunity, where can i buy LEVITRA online. Fast shipping LEVITRA, The views expressed in the paper are clearly counter to those expressed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...

"The Palestinian move is not only a security threat but also a strategic opportunity to create genuine change in the Palestinian context, australia, uk, us, usa, Buying LEVITRA online over the counter, " the report states. "Such change may serve the long-term interests of Israel…"

And here is another expert who harbors hope, buy cheap LEVITRA no rx, Purchase LEVITRA for sale, via Bloomberg:

"Participation in the Palestinian government and the holding of elections will also create more serious pressure on Hamas to work for quiet in the Gaza Strip, which in turn can help advance the diplomatic process, LEVITRA pictures, LEVITRA for sale, ” Shlomo Brom, head of the program on Israel-Palestinian relations at the Tel Aviv-based Institute for National Security Studies, LEVITRA recreational, Is LEVITRA safe, said in a paper he circulated by e-mail on the agreement.

They might be wrong. Efraim Halevy, the former Mossad chief who for years has been urging talks with Hamas, might also be wrong, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. But the same thing is true of the naysayers who are predicting disastrous consequences from this accord, cheap LEVITRA no rx. LEVITRA dangers, It is a mistake to accept on faith any assertions of any so-called experts on the Middle East, including Israeli officials, LEVITRA maximum dosage. Discount LEVITRA, If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that the only certainty in the Middle East is uncertainty, order LEVITRA online c.o.d. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, None of the Middle East experts anticipated the sudden reconciliation of Fatah and Hamas. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Even Mahmoud Abbas was surprised. None of the experts --including reportedly, purchase LEVITRA for sale, Comprar en línea LEVITRA, comprar LEVITRA baratos, the Mossad-- anticipated the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. None of them –including pollsters and Hamas leaders --predicted the Hamas victory in the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006, order LEVITRA online overnight delivery no prescription. LEVITRA natural, So why accept all the confident assertions that nothing positive could possibly develop from this agreement. There is, buy cheap LEVITRA no rx, LEVITRA street price, of course, a very strong case to be made for pessimism, LEVITRA long term. Shimon Peres might have been right when he called the Hamas-Fatah agreement “a fatal mistake...Signing this agreement that will result in elections in another year is liable to allow a terrorist group to control [not only] Gaza [but also] Judea and Samaria… Hamas is not changing its spots…It is not ceasing to be a terrorist group that serves Iran and smuggles weapons.”

Makes sense, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying LEVITRA hcl, But he can't be certain. No one, LEVITRA price, Australia, uk, us, usa, except perhaps for the leaders of Hamas, can be certain of what they are going to do and how they are going to act, LEVITRA blogs, Canada, mexico, india, and I am not sure that they know.

If I were coerced into betting, LEVITRA australia, uk, us, usa, LEVITRA pharmacy, I would probably bet on more gloom and bloodshed. I would bet, LEVITRA photos, Taking LEVITRA, for example, that the relatively successful, order LEVITRA no prescription, LEVITRA brand name, joint security apparatus established by the Palestinian Authority and Israel will collapse. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, But it makes no sense to bet on anything yet.

Jeroen Gunning claims that there is “a constituency within Hamas which considers compromise on one core goal (liberating all of Palestine) acceptable, if this means Hamas is in a better position to fulfil its other core goals of making Palestinian society more Islamic, increasing social justice and eradicating corruption.”

Isn’t there at least a slim chance that he is right.

Isn’t there at least a chance that, under the auspices of new and obviously ambitious Egyptian interlocuters, the new Palestinian unity government will find a way to free Gilad Shalit. Or that Hamas-Fatah will surprise the world by tamping down on terrorists and rocketeers. Or that, if Palestinian elections do take place, Abbas, Salaam Fayyad and Fatah will win. Or that --before or after the elections--, for the sake of its own political survival, Hamas will decide to give Abbas the leeway to enter into serious negotiations with Israel, in either a bilateral or multilateral framework, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Or that Hamas will agree to accept the results of a referendum on any agreement Abbas reaches with Israel.

Of course the odds against anything good resulting from a Palestinian unity government are very big. But so were the odds against toppling Mubarak, or, for that matter, creating the Jewish state. Shouldn’t the Hamas-Fatah accord at least be given a chance, a careful and cautious test. And if the answer is no, then what is the alternative.

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

VERMOX FOR SALE, Writing about the Israeli reaction to the attack on the Gaza flotilla, Larry Derfner, a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, sent the following note to a small group yesterday. VERMOX recreational, He was kind enough to let me quote it in full:

For those of you in the U.S., you're missing out on the experience of a nation brainwashing itself, VERMOX schedule. Where can i buy VERMOX online, The TV and radio reporters, commentators and interviewees are repeating the official line word for word - that Israel was acting in self-defense, ordering VERMOX online, VERMOX images, that the guilty ones were the terrorists on the ship. No one questions whether we have the right to blockade Gaza, VERMOX street price, VERMOX results, no one stops to take in the lopsided death and injury toll - no, once again, VERMOX alternatives, VERMOX over the counter, we're the persecuted, they're the persecutors, generic VERMOX. VERMOX dangers, After interviewing one of the handful of Israeli leftists who demonstrated at Ashdod port, a radio reporter, VERMOX australia, uk, us, usa, VERMOX from canadian pharmacy, to put things in context, said, VERMOX from canada, Comprar en línea VERMOX, comprar VERMOX baratos, "He failed to mention that he wouldn't be able to say such things in an Arab country." I was watching the TV news in a hospital waiting room in Ashkelon, and it was like sitting with the home team fans at a game, buy no prescription VERMOX online. "Some humanitarian act, some peace activists," said one guy, VERMOX FOR SALE. VERMOX coupon, The announcer says Jordan has condemned Israel, and somebody says, rx free VERMOX, Buy cheap VERMOX no rx, "Jordan. They kill Palestinians by the dozens." Everybody's on board, order VERMOX online overnight delivery no prescription, VERMOX class, excuse the pun.

The only criticism leveled by the media is on the strictly military aspect of the raid, VERMOX description. About VERMOX, Otherwise, they're exploring how Israel should spin this, buy VERMOX from mexico. VERMOX no prescription, All the talking heads and all the men and women in the street are propagandists today - exactly like they were during the war in Gaza and the 2006 war in Lebanon. It's so deflating to remember that in the 80s and 90s, VERMOX use, VERMOX overnight, this place really did feel like a "vibrant democracy," not the zombie-land it's become, where can i find VERMOX online. Taking VERMOX,

. Where can i cheapest VERMOX online. VERMOX brand name. VERMOX natural. Canada, mexico, india. VERMOX samples. VERMOX pics.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

LEXAPRO FOR SALE, This current tiff between Israel and the U.S. over settlements in East Jerusalem will probably blow over soon, LEXAPRO no prescription. LEXAPRO photos, The bonds between Israel and the U.S. are too tight to be unravelled, LEXAPRO used for. LEXAPRO online cod, But Israel's provocative behavior might be weakening Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Anyone who wants an end to this conflict should be furious about that possibility, LEXAPRO FOR SALE.

Abbas is trying to gain short-term diplomatic advantage by reneging on his participation in American-sponsored proximity talks, LEXAPRO maximum dosage, LEXAPRO price, coupon, according to the
Christian Science Monitor and many other sources. But he and Fayyad must be alarmed at the long-term implications of this crisis, LEXAPRO schedule. Order LEXAPRO from United States pharmacy, Haaretz notes that:

In one sense, PA leaders benefited from the construction plans: They scored a clear victory over Israel in the diplomatic arena, LEXAPRO brand name. Buy LEXAPRO from mexico, But they are also very aware of the long-term harm this incident could cause them among the Palestinian public: While most Palestinians are deeply skeptical that peace talks with Israel will produce any results, Fatah, order LEXAPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, LEXAPRO interactions, the PA's ruling party, has made the peace process its signature policy, where can i buy LEXAPRO online. LEXAPRO FOR SALE, Thus they fear the new construction will further weaken Fatah's status among the Palestinian public, to the benefit of the rival Hamas party, which opposes peace talks.

Fortunately, Palestinian security forces helped to keep a damper on violent protests in the territories during the Day of Rage called by Hamas yesterday. LEXAPRO no rx, According to Ali Waked:

The alert declared Tuesday among Palestinian security forces, LEXAPRO pictures, Get LEXAPRO, especially among the police forces deployed throughout Palestinian Authority cities, sends a clear message, rx free LEXAPRO. Order LEXAPRO no prescription, The PA is not interested as of now in a conflict of any sort with Israel – not a "rock intifada," not "popular resistance, LEXAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews, LEXAPRO gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, " and certainly not armed conflict.

But every provocative action in Jerusalem strikes at the heart of the quiet, purchase LEXAPRO for sale, Where can i order LEXAPRO without prescription, determined, and resolutely peaceful Palestinian state-building that Abbas and Fayyad are championing, buy LEXAPRO online cod. Where to buy LEXAPRO, If they lose the already limited, skeptical backing they have in the territories, online buying LEXAPRO, LEXAPRO used for, then Israel will have Hamas and Islamic Jihad (and al Queda) to deal with. That is the biggest danger looming from Netanyahu's inability or unwillingness to impose discipline on the right wingers in his government, LEXAPRO mg. LEXAPRO long term. Real brand LEXAPRO online. LEXAPRO online cod. Buy cheap LEXAPRO. Purchase LEXAPRO online no prescription. LEXAPRO treatment.



Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, The BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement is growing, causing alarm in Israel and the American Jewish establishment. But the arguments being employed by the mainstream Jewish community are not likely to make headway with those who support BDS or the larger, VIBRAMYCIN brand name, more important group that is trying to decide whether to endorse it.

When contending with BDS, Israel’s adherents usually tick off dry, VIBRAMYCIN australia, uk, us, usa, abstract political arguments to show why Israel is not comparable to South Africa under apartheid. Order VIBRAMYCIN from mexican pharmacy, But these arguments don't matter to people toying with the BDS movement, because most of them are motivated by a sincere, urgent desire to end Palestinian suffering, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. They see that the experience of Palestinians under occupation is as bad as the experience of South African blacks. They also know that the Palestinian citizens of Israel are treated as –and feel like they are-- second-class citizens, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. VIBRAMYCIN cost, No long list of the rights enjoyed by Israeli Arabs can make a dent in that perception. Nor do they care if BDS is a veiled effort to "delegitimize" Israel. What matters to them is changing the Palestinians' plight as quickly as possible, VIBRAMYCIN schedule.

There are arguments, VIBRAMYCIN no prescription, however, that take potential BDS sympathizers on their own terms:

1) It will take much too long for the world to get behind an effective boycott of Israel. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, So even if BDS were the right thing to do (and I don't think it is), it is thoroughly impractical.

There is a human rights emergency in the occupied territories and Palestinians need relief now, buy cheap VIBRAMYCIN no rx. To be sure, VIBRAMYCIN no rx, diplomacy might not create a two-state solution or any other arrangement that might work, but at least it has a very slim chance to succeed in the next few years. There is no feasible way to garner enough support for BDS in the near future to have a tangible impact on Israel, buy VIBRAMYCIN no prescription.

2) Boycotts almost never work. One could engage in a spirited, complicated debate about whether the South Africa boycott had a major impact on the Afrikaner establishment (some say it did, some say it didn't), but even if it did, that would be the exception that would prove the rule, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. VIBRAMYCIN dose, Boycotts didn't change any policies in Cuba, Iraq or, for that matter, doses VIBRAMYCIN work, the Gaza Strip. VIBRAMYCIN wiki, 3) If you decide to back BDS, you will be taking sides in a bitter internal struggle within the Palestinian community. Are you really so certain of the merits of this cause that you are willing to insert yourself into this argument, about VIBRAMYCIN.

On one side are those led by the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas and Salem Fayyad, Cheap VIBRAMYCIN no rx, who are trying to build the institutions of a state in preparation for an end to the occupation. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, This has involved hundreds of community development projects, the first steps towards creating a central bank and the work of internal Palestinian security services. Much of this progress requires working cooperatively with the Israelis. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization have not called for a boycott of Israel, VIBRAMYCIN pics, although the PA actively supports a boycott of products made in Israeli settlements. Online buying VIBRAMYCIN hcl, On the other side are those who think that cooperation is collaboration, that the Palestinian Authority is selling its people down the river by settling for small bandages on the wounds of occupation. Much of the BDS movement is made up of this faction, VIBRAMYCIN photos.

While the African National Congress clearly spoke in the name of the majority of black South Africans when it called for a boycott, the BDS movement does not have the same authority to speak for Palestinians, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. Even Hamas has not called for a boycott. Kjøpe VIBRAMYCIN på nett, köpa VIBRAMYCIN online, Referring to the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), one of the most important BDS groups, David Hirsh of ENGAGE UK notes:

“PACBI was formed in order to manufacture a `call from the oppressed’ along the model of the ANC’s call, ordering VIBRAMYCIN online. Far from wanting to boycott Israel, My VIBRAMYCIN experience, the PLO has, since the 1980s, wanted to normalize relations with Israel, no prescription VIBRAMYCIN online, and has encouraged links between Palestinians and Israelis, VIBRAMYCIN dosage, within civil society, academia, in trade and on a governmental level…, australia, uk, us, usa.

… Pacbi pretends that `the oppressed' call for BDS with one voice. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, This is not true. VIBRAMYCIN overnight, In Palestine, as anywhere else, there are different opinions and different arguments – there is politics, purchase VIBRAMYCIN online, there is disagreement and there are different ideas about the way forward.

4) The BDS movement has no use for promising, Order VIBRAMYCIN from United States pharmacy, stirring joint cultural and economic projects in which ordinary Arabs and Jews are trying to figure out how to live together. For example, there is the cooperative work being done by people in the West Bank Palestinian town of Jenin and the Israeli region of Gilboa, comprar en línea VIBRAMYCIN, comprar VIBRAMYCIN baratos, which includes an industrial zone that will produce olive oil and other agricultural goods. VIBRAMYCIN canada, mexico, india, The BDSers, presumably, would boycott those products, what is VIBRAMYCIN.

PACBI hasn't just called for a boycott of Israeli academics and cultural figures. As noted in a previous post, it also wants to quash efforts of Israeli Jews and Arabs to sit down, talk and find ways to bridge --or work together in spite of-- the yawning gaps in their narratives, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. VIBRAMYCIN natural, So the BDS movement puts those Palestinians who want to cooperate with Israelis in a bad spot. That, in turn, VIBRAMYCIN from canada, takes away an important tool to persuade the Israeli electorate that its neighbors want peace, Buy no prescription VIBRAMYCIN online, according to Ken Bob, president of Ameinu. He told me “You know how small Israel is, cheap VIBRAMYCIN. All of a sudden, VIBRAMYCIN use, people in your neighborhood know a kid who is part of the joint call center company in Jerusalem-Ramallah. People in the Gilboa Region tell their relatives about their joint project with Jenin…If there is a more successful BDS movement, Palestinians will perhaps feel like `OK, that tactic might work,’ let's abandon the joint projects.’ I don't think that will help the progress towards peace.”

Some diehard BDS supporters are quite willing to play favorites in this internal Palestinian debate. I suspect that many checking out this movement don’t even realize that they are being asked to take sides. That realization should give them pause.



Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

AVODART FOR SALE, The premise that there is no viable Palestinian partner is widely shared, conventional wisdom among the Israeli public and center-right pundits. At the same time, to the far-left and other bashers of all things Israeli (including some regular commentators on this humble blog) this premise is just an Israeli pretext for clinging to the status quo, AVODART coupon.

The truth, Purchase AVODART, as usual, resides in the grey area which not enough people are willing to visit.

The impassioned Gideon Levy offers a brief, where can i find AVODART online, bitter explanation of why the notion that "Israel has no partner" is a myth:

Benjamin Netanyahu has already undergone his "historic turnabout, Buy AVODART without prescription, " he's reportedly ready to discuss, certainly discuss, the '67 borders, effects of AVODART, with territory swaps and security arrangements. AVODART reviews, Even the timetable has already been set - two years, of course it's two years, it's always two years, where can i cheapest AVODART online, two years more. At the end, Israel's ultimate triumph will be declared: There's no partner, AVODART FOR SALE. Order AVODART no prescription, Again we'll hear that the Palestinian president is "a chicken with no feathers" or that the Palestinian leaders are "a gang of terrorists," and again we'll hear that there's no one to talk to.

There is no Palestinian partner, online AVODART without a prescription, because there is no Israeli partner who is ready to take action. AVODART without a prescription, The day that Israel starts acting, together with the Palestinians, the partner will be there, buy AVODART from canada. Even Nelson Mandela wasn't the Mandela we know until he was freed from prison and South Africa was placed in his hands. AVODART FOR SALE, He too refused to give up armed resistance for decades, but when he was given a true opportunity, he followed a path of peace. Where can i buy AVODART online, The key was in the hands of F.W. de Clerk, not those of Mandela, fast shipping AVODART. Israel, Purchase AVODART for sale, too, has that key.

Broadly speaking, he's on to something, taking AVODART, because he shows that nothing is necessarily static, AVODART pictures, including conflicts that appear to be intractable. For the last 100 years or so, the conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East has been characterized by reactions and counter-reactions, AVODART trusted pharmacy reviews, by violence and tough talk from one side that produced violence and tough talk from the other. If that cycle were broken, peace might have a fighting chance, AVODART FOR SALE. Get AVODART, On the other hand, it requires a gigantic leap of faith to presume, as does Levy, AVODART duration, that Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders can be compared to Nelson Mandela, AVODART forum, and all it will take for them to renounce maximalist claims and armed struggle is for Israel to act as if it really did want meaningful compromise. In the mid-1990s, Hamas terrorism was meant --at least in part--to DISRUPT the peace process and curb Fatah's power, AVODART recreational, and every time there seemed to be hope for meaningful compromise they sought to dash it. AVODART over the counter, Have they changed their stripes now. I've heard and read hopeful lefties insisting that Hamas has evolved or at least not stayed the same, that there are Hamas "moderates" who can and must be cultivated, rx free AVODART. AVODART FOR SALE, They might be right, but their claims are based mostly on wishful thinking and flimsy evidence, e.g., a few Hamas leaders, but certainly not those in every faction, have declared a willingness to live side by side with Israel if it retreats to its 1967 borders.

Even if Levy and his hopeful allies are correct in their assumptions about Hamas, Generic AVODART, there is the problem of the divided Palestinian polity. Israel needs one partner to talk to. It doesn't have one, canada, mexico, india. That is a rather predictable assertion, AVODART alternatives, but in this case the conventional wisdom is true.

Nothing is going to be solved unless Hamas goes along with the solution, AVODART FOR SALE. But every attempt by the Egyptians to unify the Palestinian parties has failed miserably. At present, effects of AVODART, the Fatah leadership does not want Israel to strengthen Hamas by recognizing it as a legitimate negotiating partner. Buy no prescription AVODART online, If I'm not mistaken, whatever it says publicly about relieving Palestinian suffering, Fatah also does not want Israel to take the pressure off of Hamas by ending its boycott of the Gaza Strip, AVODART maximum dosage.

Moreover, Canada, mexico, india, if the Palestinian factions were unified, somehow, the price would be negotiating positions that exacerbate already large differences with the Israelis over Jerusalem, buy AVODART without prescription, the right of return and other matters. AVODART FOR SALE, DeKlerk knew who is opposite number was. AVODART reviews, He had Mandela and the ANC to contend with, although there were other factions among South African blacks. The Palestinian leadership has always been divided, australia, uk, us, usa. It used to be factionalism based on rival clans. Cheap AVODART no rx, Now it is based on rival ideologies. If Gideon Levy could solve that one, I'd be completely in his corner, AVODART from canada. But, alas, he can't. So I really don't have a corner to stand in, other than the one that is shared with people who want the parties to do no harm, to stop taking steps that will render it impossible to reach an eventual solution.

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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

In A Peace to End All Peace ELAVIL FOR SALE, , David Fromkin’s history of the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the making of the modern Middle East, we follow British statesmen and military leaders as they make one foolish miscalculation after another. They persistently misread the Middle East, order ELAVIL online overnight delivery no prescription, ELAVIL mg, made major decisions based on false intelligence and crackpot theories.

The British Ambassador in Constantinople, ELAVIL description, ELAVIL dosage, Gerard Lowther, and his aide Gerald Fitz-Maurice developed an absolutely fantastic theory that the Young Turks who rebelled against Ottoman rule in 1908 were controlled by “Jewish Freemasons.” The Foreign Office in London readily accepted the notion of Jewish control over the destiny of the Ottoman Empire, ELAVIL over the counter. Doses ELAVIL work, Later, that theory contributed to the ludicrous idea that “the world war could be won by buying the support of this powerful group” –i.e., ELAVIL without a prescription, ELAVIL pictures, the Jews.

These Brits were the supposed masters of the “grand game” of diplomacy, ELAVIL cost. They did not know what they were doing, more often than not, ELAVIL FOR SALE. Online buy ELAVIL without a prescription, Fromkin, writing in 1989, buy ELAVIL online cod, ELAVIL online cod, believed there was a stark contrast between their level of knowledge and that of modern diplomats:

“To a government official in the 1980s, accustomed to bulging reference libraries, ELAVIL coupon, ELAVIL schedule, to worldwide press coverage, and to the overwhelming supply of detailed information about foreign countries gathered by the major governments, my ELAVIL experience, ELAVIL natural, British ignorance of the Middle East during the 1914 war would be unimaginable."

I am not sure if the contrast is as stark as the one that Fromkin depicted. Whatever intelligence it possessed did not prevent the Clinton administration from dragging Arafat to the Camp David talks, order ELAVIL online c.o.d, Purchase ELAVIL, even though he clearly didn’t want to go and was in no position to sign a landmark agreement on Jerusalem or the right of return. The results were disastrous, ELAVIL samples. Taking ELAVIL, The Bushies marched into the inane second Iraq war based on flimsy intelligence and crackpot theories about the Shiites welcoming American troops as liberators. ELAVIL FOR SALE, For the past year, something in me wanted to cling to the childish faith that the current American foreign policy team was different. I wanted to believe that they knew how to play the grand game, ELAVIL images, Buy cheap ELAVIL no rx, and they were thinking five or ten moves ahead.

Perhaps it’s time to stop clinging, ELAVIL treatment. Where can i find ELAVIL online, In the latest issue of the Jerusalem Report (STILL inexcusably unavailable online), Leslie Susser sums up the reasons why the Obama administration’s Middle East diplomacy has failed miserably, ELAVIL blogs. ELAVIL used for, Obama made a “monumental blunder by demanding a total freeze in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem...No Israeli government could order a freeze in East Jerusalem and no Palestinian leadership could demand less than the Americans. Moreover, the emphatic nature of the building ultimatum had given the Palestinians the impression that a new, more sympathetic administration would deliver Israel without having to join a negotiating process or make any reciprocal moves, ELAVIL FOR SALE. The result was deadlock…”

I am not convinced that pressing for a total settlement freeze was a bad idea, about ELAVIL, Order ELAVIL no prescription, as long the administration had a coherent game plan if the Israelis refused to go along and kept allowing provocations by right wing settlers in East Jerusalem. If they had such a game plan, ordering ELAVIL online, ELAVIL use, we would have seen it by now.

Susser’s account crystallizes the impression I have been trying to stave off for months: there is a good chance that Obama’s Middle East team does not know what it is doing, low dose ELAVIL. ELAVIL price, I’ve poked around a bit and asked people who know the players what has gone wrong. ELAVIL FOR SALE, Some blame individuals on George Mitchell’s staff. Others blame the mess on disagreements between the President’s cautious political advisors--e.g., herbal ELAVIL, Buying ELAVIL online over the counter, the “Chicago boys”--and diplomats on the ground who have wanted more forceful American actions. But the problem might be deeper than the competence of individual staffers or political infighting, ELAVIL long term. It may well be that the intelligence the Obama team has relied upon and its suppositions about conflict resolution have been deeply flawed.

As Casey Stengel said of the woeful New York Mets in 1962: “Can’t anybody here play this game?” I am not just sad about this situation. I am frightened.

Because if the state of diplomatic play on the Israeli-Palestinian front is so woeful, why should we trust that American foreign policy honchos know what they are doing in places where good intelligence is even harder to gather, like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Yemen. Why should we believe Western diplomats are much more knowledgeable and effective than they were in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire.

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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The first half of the official Israeli response CIALISPRO FOR SALE, to the Goldstone report is a detailed explanation of why the world should trust the second half of the Israeli response to the Goldstone report. My CIALISPRO experience, It offers a summary of Israel’s system for reviewing alleged military misconduct, and refutes the charge that the military is not capable of investigating itself, CIALISPRO dangers. CIALISPRO over the counter, The message conveyed to a world that has lost all trust in Israel is: "Trust us. We know how to find out if our generals and soldiers violated the laws of war and we will prosecute them if they did.”

The second half gets into some specific allegations made by the media, buy no prescription CIALISPRO online, CIALISPRO duration, NGOs and the Goldstone report about Israel’s conduct during the Gaza operation. I admit that I had a rooting interest in finding detailed refutations of those allegations, CIALISPRO no prescription. I did not want to believe Israeli behavior was as monstrous as its critics claimed, CIALISPRO FOR SALE. Where can i order CIALISPRO without prescription, I hoped to find reasonable explanations for what I saw on my television screen and read about during and after the conflict.

The report asserts that, CIALISPRO results, Real brand CIALISPRO online, all told, the “IDF investigated 150 incidents that allegedly occurred during the Gaza Operation involving violations of the Law of Armed Conflict.” When there are detailed responses to specific, CIALISPRO coupon, CIALISPRO wiki, grave allegations, they make a strong defense of IDF behavior, buy cheap CIALISPRO. Order CIALISPRO from mexican pharmacy, For example, the report does not accept the claim that Israelis attacked the local infrastructure and deliberately caused the local population to suffer, where can i find CIALISPRO online, Australia, uk, us, usa, as charged by Goldstone et. al, CIALISPRO pictures. CIALISPRO FOR SALE, After reviewing satellite imagery and other evidence, the report denies that water wells were bombed. Taking CIALISPRO, On the contrary, it notes, discount CIALISPRO, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, there were standing orders against attacking water installations. It denies that a sewage plant was bombed or strafed by bullets, doses CIALISPRO work, CIALISPRO from canadian pharmacy, though it leaves open the possibility that some of it was damaged by the IDF (but not deliberately). It says a flour mill was hit by shells during a firefight, ordering CIALISPRO online, CIALISPRO recreational, but not because there was a pre-planned assault meant to deprive Gazans of food.

There are also matter-of-fact admissions of "intelligence and operational errors, CIALISPRO online cod, Buy CIALISPRO from mexico, " such as the mistaken targeting of a home rather than a neighboring weapons storage facility and an attack on the lead car of a UNRWA convey. And the report claims there are orders to fix what was broken and ensure such errors don't happen again, CIALISPRO FOR SALE.

So far, CIALISPRO long term, Kjøpe CIALISPRO på nett, köpa CIALISPRO online, so good.

But there are very few other detailed refutations, cheap CIALISPRO, CIALISPRO without a prescription, very few examinations of specific incidents. With a handful of exceptions, buy CIALISPRO online cod, Order CIALISPRO online c.o.d, most of the allegations are conveyed through statistics and we have no way of knowing what they involve or how serious they are. Plus, CIALISPRO pics, Effects of CIALISPRO, much of the investigative work is still not finished. CIALISPRO FOR SALE, For example, we're told that of 90 individual incidents which were referred for "command investigations" (where there is no criminal activity alleged) only 45 are complete. And of those, where can i buy cheapest CIALISPRO online, Get CIALISPRO, 7 have been referred for further criminal investigation. Of the total of 36 "criminal investigations," 28 are still going on. In other words, "Trust us. We'll get to the bottom of this."

A blog post can't do complete justice to a 46-page report, but for the most part, the rest of the responses fall into two categories:

1) “Trust us. We’ve already investigated these and reported on them, CIALISPRO FOR SALE. See the earlier report we did, `The Operation in Gaza.'"


2) “Trust us. We’ve already investigated these. The Military Advocate General (at the highest rung of the investigatory ladder) has sometimes found problems, but, for the most part has exonerated our soldiers."

I want to trust the Israeli military. But I'm afraid I can't trust the military in any country to investigate itself honestly and thoroughly. CIALISPRO FOR SALE, I certainly see no reason to trust the IDF more than I trust B'tselem, or Breaking the Silence, or the other NGOs that have put forward serious allegations.

All of the Israeli arguments, including the detailed ones, are like those made by a defense lawyer at a trial. But the prosecutor alleges something else. That is why the report does not make a convincing argument against an independent assessment by people outside of the Israeli military, which thus far Israel has refused to do.

If Israel really is innocent of most of the charges, why not allow an independent investigation. Even Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly wants that, but the Israeli defense establishment is blocking him, CIALISPRO FOR SALE. That is not a good move. It will do more harm than good to Israel. Because if the goverment is banking on this latest, woefully incomplete report to stop the p.r. assault against Operation Cast Lead, it has made a mistake.

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

ATENOLOL FOR SALE, Thomas Mitchell, in a guest column pasted below, asserts that the U.S. and the EU should place a higher priority on peace talks with Syria, buy generic ATENOLOL. Buy no prescription ATENOLOL online, I have spoken to two people engaged in Track 2 diplomacy who have been exploring this option for the last 18 months (trust me on that one). They have met with Syrian officials and believe that under the right circumstances, online buy ATENOLOL without a prescription, Ordering ATENOLOL online, a deal with Syria is possible.

What Mitchell does not explore fully in his piece is the likely reaction from the Palestinian Authority, fast shipping ATENOLOL, Buy ATENOLOL from canada, Hamas and the Palestinian people if it is apparent that major progress is being made on the Syrian track while the Palestinian conflict still festers. When Barak tried to pursue peace with Syria first, it was infuriating to the Palestinians and had a deleterious impact on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, ATENOLOL FOR SALE. Mitchell also doesn't mention the potential reaction from the Israeli people and the furious opposition to giving back the Golan that would be reinvigorated if talks with Assad seemed to be making headway, ATENOLOL for sale. Order ATENOLOL online overnight delivery no prescription, Moreover, as noted in the previous post, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, ATENOLOL dose, I believe it would be very dangerous to put the Palestinian track on hold. That said, ATENOLOL description, ATENOLOL no rx, Tom Mitchell raises some interesting points. Here is his essay:

Time For a New T[r]ack

By Thomas Mitchell

The web is full of people giving gratuitous advice to Obama about what to do in the peace process now that he seems to have reached a dead end, ATENOLOL photos. ATENOLOL FOR SALE, So I’ll add mine. ATENOLOL schedule, During the 1990s the Israeli peace camp --with a dream coalition of Labor at a ten-year high in terms of seats and a brand-new Meretz at its peak-- was not able to negotiate a final agreement with Arafat and the PLO. Israel now faces a weaker leader with less ability to make compromises, taking ATENOLOL. Is ATENOLOL addictive, Both Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak only began negotiating seriously on the Palestinian track once they convinced themselves that they would not be able to get a deal on the Syrian track. Peres, where can i order ATENOLOL without prescription, ATENOLOL alternatives, in the winter of 1996, also began negotiating with Damascus rather than with Ramallah, buy cheap ATENOLOL no rx.

In Israel, there are two schools of thought about Damascus, ATENOLOL FOR SALE. ATENOLOL natural, One holds that the Ba’athist dictatorship in Damascus needs the Arab-Israeli conflict as a diversion for its population so that they will overlook the fact that heterodox Muslims or even infidels (Alawis) are ruling in a Sunni Muslim country. Damascus, buy cheap ATENOLOL, ATENOLOL coupon, rather than being willing to pay a price to end the conflict, is willing to pay a high price to keep it going, ATENOLOL from canada. What is ATENOLOL, This school also believes that Damascus will never abandon the Shi’ite alliance with either Tehran or Hezbollah. The leading Mizrakhan (Arabist) to hold this viewpoint is Barry Rubin, buy ATENOLOL no prescription, ATENOLOL long term, who writes about it in his 2007 book, The Truth About Syria (Palgrave Macmillan), ATENOLOL reviews. ATENOLOL FOR SALE, Daniel Pipes in the U.S. Order ATENOLOL online c.o.d, holds this view as well.

But in Israel there are a number of academics who have specialized in Syria who hold a contrary view, after ATENOLOL. ATENOLOL recreational, Moshe Maoz, a biographer of Hafiz al-Assad, ATENOLOL from mexico, ATENOLOL pharmacy, the father of the present Syrian dictator, Bashar, ATENOLOL overnight, ATENOLOL without prescription, held that Hafiz would have been willing to make peace with Israel in return for getting all of the Golan back.

Itamar Rabinovich, ATENOLOL samples, a professor at Tel Aviv University and former ambassador to Washington under Rabin and Peres, blamed the Syrian succession process for Hafiz al-Assad’s unwillingness to seriously consider Barak’s offer to him. Because Hafiz was unwilling to make any gesture comparable to Sadat’s trip to Jerusalem in 1977, Barak lost his nerve and wanted to make a territorial swap that would have slightly altered the June 4, 1967 border, ATENOLOL FOR SALE. With the Assads it was/is a point of honor that they receive more from Israel by steadfastness and rejection than what Sadat achieved through diplomacy. This meant that they have demanded that Israel not only return to the international border between mandatory Palestine and Syria, but also return to Syria some territory conquered by the Syrian army in the early 1950s. Despite the claims of Rubin, Israel did not offer Syria 100 percent of its territory back in 2000. Rabinovich seems to feel that under different circumstances Hafiz al-Assad would have been willing to make peace with Israel in exchange for 100 percent of the Golan. ATENOLOL FOR SALE, Much progress, however, was made in the negotiations between 1993 and 2000 in terms of security measures and normalization. Turkey mediated discussions between Israel and Syria during the Olmert administration. There was talk of establishing a peace park along the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) that Israelis could enter for the day to picnic. But due to the worsening relations between Ankara and Jerusalem since the Gaza war, the latter does not want the former as a mediator.

There is a good opportunity to test out dual mediation in the Middle East by having both Washington and Brussels sponsor peace talks between Israel and Syria someplace in either the U.S. or Europe, or alternating between the two venues, ATENOLOL FOR SALE.

Netanyahu could sell the negotiations to his coalition as an attempt to weaken Iran by separating it from its key Arab ally. Washington could sell the negotiations to the Arab world as a chance to end another Israeli occupation and restore peace along the Lebanese border. For Europe. it would be its first chance at Middle East diplomacy and the chance to play in the big league. ATENOLOL FOR SALE, For Syria, the talks would be a chance to improve relations with Washington and gain access to Western investment and even tourism. Presumably, to get Damascus to cut its military ties to Iran and stop supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, Washington would have to pay a hefty bribe. But Washington has been doing this since the Sinai II agreement in 1975.

If the negotiations are successful, this would give the Obama administration a diplomatic victory, credibility in the Middle East and an opportunity to take on the Palestinian track in a second term or by a future American administration. It would also eliminate the need for future Israeli prime ministers to make a choice as to first pursuing diplomacy with Damascus or with Ramallah. The Obama administration could also use the period of negotiations to allow Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to pursue state-building with American economic and administrative assistance. If the negotiations fail due to a lack of willingness on the Israeli side, Netanyahu should be made aware that Washington will return to the Palestinian track with a vengeance. This is the equivalent of Plan B (joint Anglo-Irish rule) that helped to focus minds in Northern Ireland.


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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION, The claim that "Israel has no partner for peace" is often trotted out by Israeli and American Jews. Cheap ALLOPURINOL no rx, Sometimes it is backed up by the argument that the Palestinians are in political disarray, and that relatively moderate Palestinians don't have the power to stop violent extremists from wrecking any agreement, no prescription ALLOPURINOL online. Order ALLOPURINOL from United States pharmacy, That argument deserves to be taken very seriously, although it ignores the promise shown by Palestinian security forces who --with Israeli and American help-- have squelched violence and terror in the West Bank, about ALLOPURINOL. ALLOPURINOL without a prescription, And it ignores the fact that, as noted by Reuters, ALLOPURINOL forum, After ALLOPURINOL, Hamas has been clamping down on Islamic Jihad's rocket fire and that its leaders insist they are willing to accept a long term "truce" with Israel. Still, ALLOPURINOL alternatives, ALLOPURINOL images, the premise that Palestinian leaders cannot enforce a peace agreement even if they wanted to is very reasonable and troubling, and should not be blithely dismissed, ALLOPURINOL duration. And no peace agreement should even be on the table unless there are security guarantees [for both peoples] that go well beyond what was attempted during the Oslo peace process (NATO troops, BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic ALLOPURINOL, American monitors with the clout needed to call each side to task if they violate agreements?). It's important to note that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip also will need security guarantees and some kind of protection from the Israelis, ALLOPURINOL pictures. ALLOPURINOL cost, What does not deserve to be taken seriously is the oft-heard notion that the Palestinian people don't want peace. Pollster Dahlia Scheindlin has another great article in the current issue of Jerusalem Report that, ALLOPURINOL forum, ALLOPURINOL dangers, sadly, is not available on-line, my ALLOPURINOL experience. BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION, She went to Ramallah, talked to Palestinian pollsters, and analyzed opinion research on a host of issues. Online buy ALLOPURINOL without a prescription, It's worth buying the magazine just to read her. Here are some of her insights:

This myth [that Israel has no partner] has run its ignominious course, ALLOPURINOL from canada. ALLOPURINOL use, Palestinian public opinion repeatedly shows support, sometimes more, where can i find ALLOPURINOL online, Order ALLOPURINOL from mexican pharmacy, sometimes somewhat less – but very similar levels to Israel, for a peace agreement, ALLOPURINOL results. ALLOPURINOL used for, An easy and consistent majority of Palestinians support the general notion of reaching a peace agreement – 66% in June (Near East Consulting July Time Series). A broad 68% majority of Palestinians think Hamas should stop calling for the elimination of Israel.., BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

...Trends among women remain worrying: they are simply less supportive of peace, effects of ALLOPURINOL. ALLOPURINOL pharmacy, Only 58% said Hamas should change its position – compared to 78% of men. (NEC)

But there is no evidence that the overall support is lip service – it's backed by substance, ALLOPURINOL trusted pharmacy reviews. ALLOPURINOL pics, Absolute majorities in both Gaza and the West Bank support freezing all rocket fire (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research): 51% and 57%, respectively, ALLOPURINOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Nearly seven in ten (68%) of Gaza respondents said it is very or somewhat important to release Gilad Shalit (GQRR). ALLOPURINOL steet value, Palestinians support the substance of agreements as well. Sixty-six percent prefer the "Arab Initiative" to the status quo (International Peace Institute), ALLOPURINOL over the counter. Buy cheap ALLOPURINOL, Likewise, top Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki's August survey for the Joint Israel Palestine Poll for the Truman Institute (or JIPP), fast shipping ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL from canadian pharmacy, 1270 Palestinians, face-to-face, low dose ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL interactions, +/-3) showed 64% support for the Saudi plan – up from 57% in June.

IPI showed an absolute majority supporting each component of the Geneva/Taba accords. Only the compromise on Jerusalem received less than majority support (46%; 52% opposed), BUY ALLOPURINOL NO PRESCRIPTION. But in most Israeli polls, only about one-third agree to sharing the capital. Here's a polling pitfall alert: the August JIPP Israel survey showing that only 32% of Israelis support a Jerusalem compromise also shows, in Shikaki’s Palestinian version, that only 31% of Palestinians support it (JIPP Israel: 602 sample, conducted by Yakov Shamir, August 2009)...

...The "no partner" myth is so strong here [in Israel] that it sunk in there. The clearest mirror image related to peace is the finding that fully three-quarters of Palestinians think they have no partner for peace in Israel (77%). Fully three-quarters (75%) believe that the Palestinians are a partner for peace. (NEC, July 2009)




Thursday, September 24th, 2009

NYU Professor Alon Ben-Meir TRAMADOL FOR SALE, sees reasons for hope. It seems to me that ALL of the scenarios he envisions would need to occur in order for a breakthrough to occur. That is unlikely. But stranger, more unlikely things have occured on this planet, TRAMADOL price, including the birth and development of a Jewish state. As I noted in my book, some people make a "rhetorical bloodsport" of explaining why there is no hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace. They may well be correct, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Order TRAMADOL from United States pharmacy, But as the Jewish New Year begins, I am glad that Ben-Meir prefers another activity, another approach.

[Note: what follows is a version of the article that is updated from the one I originally posted. Professor Ben-Meir added a section about the current lull in violence and requested that I post the updated text]:


Alon Ben-Meir – September, buy generic TRAMADOL, 23, 2009

Although the Obama administration’s efforts to resume the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have not, as yet, TRAMADOL from mexico, produced tangible results, the prospect for a breakthrough in negotiations may be closer today than it has been in many years. Notwithstanding the inherent skepticism about the prospect of real progress, the conversion of certain regional and international developments have altered the political dynamic and created a new set of opportunities for a negotiated settlement. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, The Obama administration stands a greater chance for success than any of its predecessors, as long as it remains consistent and unwavering while keeping the end-game in sight. There are six factors that have made this historical moment ripe for significant progress, buy TRAMADOL without prescription, if not actually achieving an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

There is no doubt that the early push for the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by the Obama administration has created a sense of urgency that the time has come to put an end to this debilitating conflict. President Obama’s early involvement signals that the United States views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a wider context, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and sees that its continuation reverberates and impacts other regional conflicts, as well as prevents many Arab and Islamic states who wish to normalize relations with Israel from doing so. Moreover, the United States is aware of its central role in facilitating peace, and Obama’s insistence on a renewal of negotiations illustrates that he understands that the intractability of the conflict and the innate skepticism of all the players involved requires time to build confidence between the conflicting parties, TRAMADOL over the counter.

Where previous administrations spoke about the requirements for peace, the Obama administration is taking action to insist on some of these requirements—asking the Israelis to declare a moratorium on the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and the Arab states to open a trade section in Israel and allow Israel to fly planes over Arab territory are two cases in point, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Early engagement offers a clear indication that the Obama administration’s heavy investment of political capital will not allow the United States to cut and run. Obama has made clear his intentions of seeing negotiations through at the tri-lateral meeting he hosted this week between Netanyahu, Abbas and himself. Canada, mexico, india, All sides must now be prepared for the long haul while the United States is ready to provide them with the political cover they need to make the required concessions.

The second significant factor that came on the heel of the administration’s early involvement is the present general lull in violence. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, For obvious reasons, nothing disrupts the peace process more than acts of violence, which shatter any desire by either party to cooperate politically. In the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has recognized that progress can be made only under the condition of a tangible calm, and the genuine efforts of the PA Security Forces to prevent any wanton acts of violence against Israelis has persuaded Israel to begin to ease the brunt of the occupation on Palestinian civilians, TRAMADOL coupon. Scores of road blocks have been removed by the IDF, and economic development has been on the rise throughout the West Bank. To this regard, Where can i cheapest TRAMADOL online, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s unveiling of his government program to build the apparatus of a Palestinian state within two years is an admirable, bold and welcome initiative. Fayyad and the PA’s commitment to build a future based on equality and restoration of self-dignity in a non-violent atmosphere changes in a fundamental way the mindset of nearly every individual in this conflict. The forward of the plan by Salam Fayyad states specifically that:

"Palestine will be a peace-loving state that rejects violence, commits to co-existence with its neighbors, and builds bridges of cooperation with the international community, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. It will be a symbol of peace, tolerance and prosperity in this troubled area of the world, about TRAMADOL. By embodying all of these values, Palestine will be a source of pride to all of its citizens, and an anchor of stability in this region."

Israel in particular should embrace this initiative as it would strengthen the efforts of Palestinian moderates, TRAMADOL interactions, cementing this lull in violence and setting in motion a peaceful negotiating process.

This development has not been lost on Hamas. The clear evidence of economic growth and prosperity in the West Bank has created a stark contrast to the situation in Gaza, which illustrates to all parties involved in the conflict that moderation leads to results. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, Although Hamas’ adherence to the ceasefire may in fact be tactical, its actions are still motivated by the organization’s desire to change the dynamic of its relations with Israel—especially after the Israeli incursion into Gaza in December 2008 and Hamas’ subsequent terrible political and military losses. Moreover, australia, uk, us, usa, as Hamas seems to be losing popular support compared to the Palestinian Authority, its leaders are eager to show some progress on the political front. To that end, Online buying TRAMADOL, Hamas has been working through Egyptian mediators to negotiate a prisoner exchange with Israel and an agreement to ease the border crossings into Gaza to allow for goods to pass through. Most importantly, on more than one occasion Hamas’ leaders have said that they can see themselves accepting a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, which signals that they have been taking to heart the changing Arab political wind toward Israel.

This development is better understood when examined against the third important development in the current political climate, TRAMADOL schedule, which is the evolving nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the fatigue that seems to have engulfed all sides. That is, it is entirely possible that the Israelis and Palestinians have reached a mutually disadvantageous stalemate, where they have both realized that the continuation of violence diminishes, rather than enhances, their bargaining posture, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. This is not to suggest that Israel and the Palestinians are ready to settle their differences and sign a peace treaty today. It only suggests that both sides seem to have concluded, Order TRAMADOL from mexican pharmacy, without publically admitting, that regardless of how much longer this conflict persists, neither side can improve appreciably their position enough to warrant further hostilities and suffering. This can be seen in the recent International Peace Institute poll which showed that nearly two-thirds of Palestinians now support a two-state solution and the steps it would involve to see it come to fruition. The two-state solution is not one of many possibilities, buy no prescription TRAMADOL online, but the only outcome of any negotiated settlement. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, Surely, the hard bargaining will continue throughout the negotiation process, and only a naïve will predict that peace is just around the corner. But given other regional developments, the resumption of large scale violence akin to the second Intifadah seems increasingly more remote, TRAMADOL brand name, as the political climate is shifting more toward reconciliation and the benefits derived from moderation.

The fourth element contrasts the view that the rise of a right-of-center government in Israel is a detriment to peace, when in reality no lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace can be forged without the full support of the center and right-of-center parties. The current Israeli coalition government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu with Labor’s leader Ehud Barak as Defense Minister, TRAMADOL wiki, is in a strong position to conduct the initial hard bargaining necessary to move negotiations forward, while still meeting some of Israel’s core requirements. Although this government may not be in a position to make significant concessions such as those on East Jerusalem and still remain in power, TRAMADOL samples, Netanyahu may end up forming a unity government with the centrist Kadima party, and will thereby encompass the Left, Center, and Right, representing the majority of the Israeli public opinion, TRAMADOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Historically, major concessions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were made by Prime Ministers of the Likud party; Begin withdrew from the Sinai as a part of a peace agreement with Egypt in 1979, Netanyahu pulled out from Hebron under the Wye River agreement in 1998, and Sharon evacuated Gaza in 2005, TRAMADOL FOR SALE.

Moreover, the Israeli public is ready for peace with security, and the Israelis are fully aware that there is a demographic time bomb in the making. Order TRAMADOL no prescription, Israel must choose between a democratic state with a sustainable Jewish majority, which necessitates giving up most of the West Bank, or risk losing the Jewish majority in Israel, in which case Israel will be thrust into two untenable situations—either accept the one-state solution, which if democratically elected, TRAMADOL pictures, would be governed by a Palestinian majority, or disfranchise the Palestinians to stay in power, which would inevitably lead to catastrophic consequences. Buying TRAMADOL online over the counter, Natanyahu will not miss an opportunity to sign a peace treaty that meets Israel’s principle requirements: a sustainable Jewish majority, territorial integrity and national security—none of which negate the establishment of a Palestinian state living in peace side-by-side with Israel.

The growing receptivity of the Arab Initiative in Israel and by the Obama administration presents the fifth critical element in the evolution of the peace process. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, The Arab Initiative provides a comprehensive formula for an Arab-Israeli peace and the means to unravel the political conundrum between Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel. The Arab Initiative was adopted first in Beirut, Lebanon in March of 2002, discount TRAMADOL, and reintroduced in March of 2007 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Initiative establishes the following principles: 1) Full Israeli withdrawal from all the territories occupied since 1967, Where can i find TRAMADOL online, 2) Achievement of a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem, 3) The acceptance and the establishment of a Sovereign Independent Palestinian State on the Palestinian territories occupied since the 4th of June 1967 in the West Bank and Gaza strip, with east Jerusalem as its capital, 4) The Arab-Israeli conflict ended, a peace agreement with Israel, where can i buy cheapest TRAMADOL online, and security for all the states of the region and finally, 5) The establishment of normal relations with Israel in the context of this comprehensive peace. The conditions are now ready for all parties involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to endorse this historical Initiative, Order TRAMADOL online overnight delivery no prescription, which will facilitate an end to the conflict that still meets the fundamental requirements of the stakeholders involved.

The sixth and final factor that may accelerate the peace process and bring Israel and the Arab states closer to a settlement is the Iranian nuclear program, which threatens both Israel and the Arab states. Although the Arab states—with the exception of Egypt—have thus far refused to cooperate with Israel publicly, and have sought first to extract some concessions from Israel on the Palestinian front, there is no doubt that these countries count on Israel to obstruct Iran’s regional ambitions, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. There is certainly no love lost between Shiite Iran and the majority Sunni Arab states, and when viewed with this incentive, TRAMADOL dangers, Israeli-Arab cooperation is bound to grow. Motivated by self-interest and national security concerns, the Arab states will become increasingly more accommodating to Israel, TRAMADOL used for, as the Egyptian government and some of the smaller Gulf States have already amply demonstrated. Iran, which has effectively undermined the peace process in the past, may now inadvertently aid the process by virtue of its regional ambitions and pursuit of nuclear weapons.

To capitalize on this new environment, TRAMADOL pharmacy, the Obama administration must first and foremost stay on course and remain unwavering in its effort to resume the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, President Obama’s successful efforts to arrange a trilateral meeting between Netanyahu, Abbas and himself on the sideline of the UN General Assembly is a positive move—regardless of how little it might have achieved in the short term. The President made his determination clear when he stated, “It is past time to stop talking about starting negotiations, TRAMADOL without prescription, and time to move forward.”

To further facilitate the progress of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations the Obama administration must allay Israeli concerns over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. To that end, there must be a complete understanding between Israel and the US about the course of action needed to dissuade Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions, as well as a close collaboration between the two countries on matters of intelligence. Moreover, kjøpe TRAMADOL på nett, köpa TRAMADOL online, President Obama must assure the Israelis that his call for a nuclear-free Middle East will not bring Israel’s nuclear program into question—especially as the P5+1 countries (US, Russia, China, Buy TRAMADOL from mexico, UK and France + Germany) enter into negotiation with Iran on October 1st. Doing so would allow Iran to tie the development of its nuclear program to the existence of an Israeli program, and would cause serious rifts between the US and Israel.

In addition, the Obama team must now capitalize on the existing calm in the West Bank and along the Gaza borders, and work with the Egyptians to secure the release of the Israeli soldier Shalit in a package prisoner exchange, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Such an agreement would dramatically reduce the tension between Hamas and Israel, and would also pave the way for opening the border crossing with Israel and allow much needed goods to enter Gaza, TRAMADOL photos. In the same vein, with continued American prompting and support, Israel and the Palestinian Authority must continue their security and economic cooperation in the West Bank, which will deepen their vested interest in the evolving mutually gainful relationship.

Although the Netanyahu government has not yet formally endorsed the Arab Peace Initiative, the United States and the EU should first officially endorse it and make every effort to persuade Israel to do likewise. There is nothing in the Arab Peace Initiative that negates Israel’s ultimate objective of establishing peace and normal relations with all of its neighbors. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, That being said, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the leading Arab states who wish Israel to accept the Initiative must now use all the leverage they have to persuade Hamas to adopt it as well. The Initiative offers Hamas a way to achieve land and peace for the Palestinians without having to concede directly to Israel, as signing on to the Arab Initiative would be seen as joining the collective will of the Arab states. By accepting the Initiative, Hamas will fall in line with the other 19 Arab states that are willing to recognize Israel only upon reaching an agreement based on the provisions of the Arab Peace Initiative.

Finally, there is a need to create an economic incentive for the Israelis and Palestinians to come together and cooperate on such contentious final status issues as the Palestinian Right of Return. It is necessary for all countries who endorse peace in the Middle East—including the US, Russia, China, Japan, EU and wealthy Arab states—to prove their commitment to a peaceful solution through a financial commitment of fifteen to twenty billion dollars for the resettlement and rehabilitation of the Palestinian refugees. This not only implies that a solution to the Palestinian refugee question will be reached through negotiation, but more importantly, it redirects the various parties’ focus away from fighting over the political issue, and toward how to appropriately spend the money toward a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. This also assures Israel that the international community, along with some of the Arab states, is committed to a solution to the refugee problem that precludes the Right of Return to Israel proper without saying so publicly. Such a pool of funds should be placed under the umbrella of the IMF, the World Bank or the UN. President Obama can play an important role in seeing this through, but the U.S. cannot be seen as the only power endorsing this campaign. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, Skeptics and pessimists will view the current geopolitical climate in the Middle East as nothing more than a mirage, and will conclude that President Obama’s efforts to push for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are futile. Yet it is not a question of the level of optimism needed to create peace, rather a question of whether the Obama administration can afford to not to act and thus squander a historic opportunity for a breakthrough—however remote that possibility might be. President Obama has demonstrated leadership and courage, the two qualities surely needed to push the process forward. Now he has to demonstrate that he possess the iron will necessary to stay the course and translate this positive political climate into a major transformation in the conflict. As Obama himself stated to Netanyahu and Abbas, “So my message to these two is clear. Despite all the obstacles, all the history, all the mistrust, we have to find a way forward.”


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