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A plug for “Peace in the Middle East”

A relatively new blogger has arrived in the neighborhood of left-leaning Jews with a connection to Israel who shun unthinking tribalism and strive to explore nuances, complications, and ambiguities. He is Charles Lenchner, and his blog is ambitiously titled “Peace in the Middle East.”

Charles has been out there in the peace activist trenches for years, in Israel and the U.S. He appears to be situated somewhere between me and the indispensable Jerry Haber, The Magnes Zionist. That probably means he is right more often than I am. Today, he endorsed what I wrote in the previous post about Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I am not sure how often we will agree, but his blog is worth checking out.

One thought on “A plug for “Peace in the Middle East”

  1. Thanks for the plug Dan! Just wanted to say it often feels lonely here in nuance land. The camp of partisans that wants to yell in full volume often seems crowded in comparison to ours. We need all voices we can gather round.

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