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Errors in my book

I am mortified by a few factual errors in the book. They are the product of careless copyediting and proofreading. In fact, they are mystifying because they are so obvious, and I am not even sure how they got into the manuscript in the first place, let alone how I missed them during proofreading. Before any reviews appear, what follows are a few preemptive corrections. If you haven’t read it, perhaps this will motivate you to buy it:

p. 26, first full paragraph: The Sabra and Shatilla massacres occured in the Fall of 1982, not 1983. (Of course I knew that!)

p. 135, first full paragraph: This section addressed the loan guarantees controversy involving President Bush in 1991. I asserted: “Soviet Jewry was a cause that united much of the community in the 1990s.” It should have read: “1980s.”

In several places, the book refers to “Jewish Voices for Peace.” It is actually “Jewish Voice for Peace.” This was corrected in a proof that was sent to me, but somehow the correction was not made in the manuscript.

If there are others, please email me at dfleshler@yahoo.com.

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