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Help wanted: Jr. editor, 3+ years pub. experience, track record of utterly mad conspiracy theories req.

Received the following email this evening from the gentleman who runs Ziopedia. I stumble upon gems from the coherent, seemingly lucid paranoid fringe all the time and don’t do much with them. But I have never seen a coherent, seemingly lucid, paranoid want ad before. There are many out-of-work editors and reporters out there. Perhaps one of you could find a temporary home in the alternate universe described below. Then you could write a best seller and tell the rest of us about it. Here is the ticket to your future:

A lot of people are complaining how Wikipedia is suppressing any content that is less than flattering for the state of Israel and what some people call the Jew World Order. In fact, Wikipedia is controlled by Mossad, which also explains why its entries always come up first on Google, which is part of the Jewish Matrix. Well, the Ziopedia team is not only complaining about this, it is doing something. We have set up a wiki style online encyclopedia, which uses the same software as Wikipedia, meaning that anyone can write and and change articles. So stop whinging and do something….We desperately need to hire a junior editor to help us with the day to day running of the site and free up time for research and writing.
Andrew Winkler
Ziopedia, the politically incorrect encyclopedia

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