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Help wanted: Jr. editor, 3+ years pub. experience, track record of utterly mad conspiracy theories req.

Received the following email this evening from the gentleman who runs Ziopedia. I stumble upon gems from the coherent, seemingly lucid paranoid fringe all the time and don’t do much with them. But I have never seen a coherent, seemingly lucid, paranoid want ad before. There are many out-of-work editors and reporters out there. Perhaps one of you could find a temporary home in the alternate universe described below. Then you could write a best seller and tell the rest of us about it. Here is the ticket to your future:

A lot of people are complaining how Wikipedia is suppressing any content that is less than flattering for the state of Israel and what some people call the Jew World Order. In fact, Wikipedia is controlled by Mossad, which also explains why its entries always come up first on Google, which is part of the Jewish Matrix. Well, the Ziopedia team is not only complaining about this, it is doing something. We have set up a wiki style online encyclopedia, which uses the same software as Wikipedia, meaning that anyone can write and and change articles. So stop whinging and do something….We desperately need to hire a junior editor to help us with the day to day running of the site and free up time for research and writing.
Andrew Winkler
Ziopedia, the politically incorrect encyclopedia

20 thoughts on “Help wanted: Jr. editor, 3+ years pub. experience, track record of utterly mad conspiracy theories req.

  1. Who knows Winkler’s ideological perspective? What does he claim to be?

    It is an ironic site, in that it claims to be a “rebel news site”, but the only critical comment is relative to Israel.

    I wonder how many humane Palestinians are happy that their tragedy is being expropriated by idiotic hate-groups for their own opportunism.

  2. holy crap! And I thought Winkler was a Jewish surname.

    Do you think he’d allow me to submit an article on the correlation between stalker-ish fixation on Jews and adults whose mothers still tie their shoes for them?

    Or would that be hitting too close to home? 🙂

  3. Unless this an Onion tongue in cheek kinda thing…poking fun of all the nutters out there.

    Is that possible?

  4. Wikipedia is obviously not “controlled by Mossad”, but there’s no doubt that many gung-ho integrants of Team Zion’s Internet Division are working daily to limit the amount of unflattering information about their prized colony in the heart of the Middle East.

    Whereas the rest of the world sees the logic of “no justice, no peace,” Zionists rally around the cry of “no free pass, no peace”. If Jewish nationalism isn’t allowed to function as it desires, the world can just burn.

    And what’s equally amusing to Winkler’s paranoia is the Jewish nationalist notion that angry opposition to Zionism is somehow opportunistic, as if there were big money and prestige to be had by calling out Israel. As if “hate-groups” were a growth industry. As if bearing witness to grotesque injustice ever made anyone any money or fame (well, besides Elie Weisel–but that was, you know, mostly fiction.)

  5. (…Re: Weisel, just since we’re making character judgments here, who strikes you all as more morally degenerate, some guy running a website of exaggerated anti-Zionism cum anti-Semitism that probably gets 1,000 hits a day if that, or a guy whose sensationalist act on a broad platform reaches every corner of the world and, instead of serving to protect innocent populations from state terror, actually incites more imperialist slaughter, which he applauds?)

  6. So one final thought, on semantics.

    Can the people going on TV and breathing life into Hitler’s dead corpse so that they can profit from a man-made catastrophe also be called a “hate group”?

    Or should one just continue to use the term “sociopathic ethnic nationalist extremist”?

    For the likes of poor Mr. Winkler, I think “mad” is fine, but if Mr. Witty insists he can divine what is in Winkler’s heart, and it is indeed hate, then perhaps we must try to use this amazing power to ascertain what is in the heart of those people who would rather slaughter a million Iraqis or Iranians than call of a 6 decade ethnic cleansing and grant the survivors human rights.

    Mr. Witty?

  7. Of course I don’t know what someone thinks. I can only comment on what they do (including say).

    The FACT that the site only includes “Zionist crimes” under its definition of injustice says a thousand words to me. (It does mention global warming, but also in connection to “Zionist conspiracy”).

    Maybe you call that benign and not prejudiced. I don’t.

  8. Well, Dan, perhaps there’s a need for an Onion type parody site.

    I can’t think of anything better than humor to discredit paranoid fruitcakes.

    Jews have an excellent sense of humor–and it could be quite useful in that regard.

    Once I get my own self-marketing stuff running smoothly, I might look into this…

  9. Hello MM, As usual, you’ve crammed so many furious, embittered and deliberately provocative assertions into your posts that it becomes impossible to deal with them. One doesn’t know where to begin…Let me just say that I have always been disappointed at Elie Weisel’s inability or unwillingness to criticize Israeli behavior and Israeli policies. In my book, I do talk about the way fears are stoked by some groups in the conventional Israel lobby and how the Holocaust is often misused by those who call anyone who wants to negotiate with Israel’s adveraries “Neville Chamberlain.” But your disdain for those who find the Holocaust still relevant to their lives, and who believe we need to learn lessons from it, is so contemptible it does not deserve comment. I hope no one takes MM’s bait and argues with him…

  10. Sorry Dan, I just didn’t understand the purpose of your post. It’s ok to mock someone like Winkler–and you are mocking him–but it’s not ok to mock the brainwashed legions who actually believe WWII–and the Iran “nuclear” issue–are about crazy men who just hate Jews?

    After all, underneath the layers of psychology that’s what “finding the Holocaust still relevant to their lives” means: Hitler thought, therefore we are.

    WWII was not a tragedy for the Jews; it was a tragedy for humankind. Get with the program already; it’s 2009.

  11. MM,
    If mankind had lost two-thirds of its population in WWII, overpopulation would not be a problem.

  12. Yes, in between “national socialism” and “socialism in one country” they managed to kill off quite a few. Although proportionately many more Ukranians died than did Russians in the war.

  13. Surprise, surprise (not!)…Winkler subscribes to the views of white supremacist David Duke.

    Also…looks like he may have been in a 12 program (alcoholic? That would certainly explain his unstable and extreme mindset).

    Someone needs to tell him that AA has a low success rate. So good luck recovering from your Jewishness, pal. 🙂

    Anyone know anything more about him? He’s in Australia and he’s got 10 more screws loose than Phil Weiss.

    Anyway…I smell an opportunist. He’s a publicity seeker. I guess there’s money in being a self-hating Jew?

  14. Ya , Its True, We Really need to Work on the psychology of the People all over the World……as It Creates lot of Differences Between All Religions.

  15. when i was reding this article i got stuck with the language which used in articel, in atticles couple of words very difficult, please write in siple so that we can easily understand these kind of articles.

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