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J Street: Support Bob Simon and “60 Minutes”

The J Street gang is trying to organize a response to the burgeoning smear campaign against Bob Simon of “60 Minutes,” whose segment castigating Israeli settlements on Sunday was a first for network T.V. Here is their message:

Tell Bob Simon you thought his 60 Minutes segment on Israeli settlements was an accurate and thoughtful portrayal of the threat Israeli settlements pose to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Simon’s already getting an earful from CAMERA (the Orwellian-named Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) and others accusing him of anti-Israel bias. He needs to hear from us

You can get marching orders from J Street and see clips from the segment here.

Bob Simon has been around a long time and I don’t think he or his paymasters are worried about objections from right wing American Jews, which they must have expected. But surely they will be pleasantly surprised if they get praise from thousands –or tens of thousands– of people affiliated with a decidedly pro-Israel, left-leaning Jewish organization. J Street deserves a lot of credit for its nimble response.

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