Petition campaign against Knesset’s JNF bill

Blogger Richard Silverstein of “Tikun Olam” has initiated an on-line campaign to protest the Knesset’s preliminary approval of a bill that would bar Israel’s Arabs from leasing JNF-owned lands that are managed by the Israel Lands Authority.

I’ve made a fuss about this bill in two previous posts. So has the increasingly intriguing Magnes Zionist. The petition is obviously meant for Jews who care about Israel and want to make it better:

We the undersigned express our profound disapproval and sorrow at the Israeli Knesset’s recent passage, on first reading, of the Jewish National Fund bill. The bill would prohibit Israel’s Arab citizens from leasing land owned by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and managed by the Israeli Land Authority (which administers 93% of Israel’s land). The Israel High Court had earlier ruled that the ILA cannot discriminate against Arabs in leasing such land. This new legislation is an attempt to circumvent that ruling.

We applaud the High Court for putting an end to a discriminatory practice that should never have existed within a democratic state. We also applaud the Israeli MK’s, Jewish and Arab that voted against the amendment. If Israel is to be truly democratic, all its citizens must have the right to lease land held in trust by the government of Israel. Israel must not settle for anything less.

We call upon to the Knesset to defeat the amendment when it comes up for its next reading and to embrace values of equality and tolerance for all its citizens.

If you agree, then go to this link to sign the petition. Hats off to Richard for his initiative.

8 thoughts on “Petition campaign against Knesset’s JNF bill

  1. Why do you say “the petition is obviously meant for Jews who care about Israel …”? The fourth-class citizenship saddled on Israel’s Arab population isn’t a Jewish issue, it’s a human issue. I bet your Gentile neighbors would love to support the effort too, if you made the effort to tell them about it.

    Like so much of what is going on in Israel, this is only a “Jewish” issue in the sense that it is a public relations disaster for the Jewish state. But viewing everything as a public relations exercise distracts us from issues of truth and justice.

  2. Dear “Israeli Art Student” – the petition’s text says nothing about being restricted to Jews; sign if you want, don’t if you don’t!

  3. Thanks, Maker.

    Israeli Art Student, I never meant to imply this was only a “Jewish” issue. I suspected, however, that Jews were more likely to feel “sorrow” about this tragedy, which is what the petition says. But maybe I’m wrong. Please sign it even if all you feel is rage or bitterness or despair (all of which would be understandable emotions) and tell your friends –no matter what their religion– to do the same.

  4. You overlook the fact that Little Dickie Silverstein, the Diaper Smearmeister, is a pro-jihad anti-Semite and a kapo traitor.

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