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Poll: Growing majority of Americans oppose new Israeli settlement construction

Just in time for this weekend’s AIPAC conference and the Netanyahu-Obama meeting on May 18th, a new poll by indicates that

three-quarters of Americans think that Israel should not build settlements in the Palestinian territories. This is up 23 points from when this question was last asked in 2002.

One third of Americans show more sympathy for Israel than the Palestinians, substantially more than the 12 percent who express more sympathy for the Palestinians.

However the largest number–51 percent–expresses equal levels of sympathy for each side. The percentage expressing equal levels of sympathy is up 10 points from 2002.

Even those respondents who sympathize more with Israel feel that it should not be building settlements in the West Bank by a clear majority (64%), as do those who sympathize equally with Israel and the Palestinians (80%), and those who sympathize more with the Palestinians (96%).

“Americans are showing increasing impatience with Israel for building settlements,” comments Steven Kull, director of “Even the third of Americans who sympathize with Israel more than the Palestinians oppose the settlements.”

Your move, Bibi.

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