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Postscript on the JNF law: A matter of official Israeli policy, not private whim

Ken Bob, President of Ameinu, is a self-taught expert on the morass of official and semi-official Israeli institutions. For that alone, he deserves a medal. In an email, he cleared up an issue raised in the previous comment thread by “Chris,” who insisted that the JNF is a “private organization:”

[The term] “JNF” causes some confusion so let me just clarify this point. The entity that administers the lands and the funds in Israel is called KK”L – Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael. They are governed by a board of directors of Israelis only that reflects the political make-up of the World Zionist Organization. It is chaired by Efi Stensler, a Laborite. They use the term “JNF” as their English translation.

Thanks, Ken. This is not a matter of the whims of a private group. Because the Israel Lands Authority, a government body, is involved, this is about official Israeli policy. But it is also very much a matter for Diaspora Jews who have kept KK’l/JNFafloat. It is not too late to change that policy and bury this bill.

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