Yes, a blockade of Iran is an act of war

I take it back. Sorry, MJ. I blew that last one. What has possessed me to search for moderation like a thirsty man in a desert?

First of all, the original title of the previous post referred to a “boycott,” not a “blockade.” The latter, when enforced, is an act of war. The title has been corrected.

Our Teddy, as usual, got to the heart of the matter in his comment:

“So anything or anyone that leaves Iran will get inspected by the Americans, whenever the Americans feel like it? That means the Americans will claim the right to hop on board Iranian ships?

“Maybe that wouldn’t be an “act of war,” technically. I don’t know one way or the other. But it wouldn’t be a passive boycott enforced on American or European shores. It would be enforced by American naval officers and marines aggressiely [sic] patrolling Iranian waters.”

The only semi-positive news here is that the resolutions were non-binding.

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