About Dan Fleshler

Since the mid-1980s. I have spent much of my spare time and some of my professional life trying to convince American Jews to support Israel’s peace camp.


One of the challenges I’ve tried to address is figuring out how to criticise Israeli policy and the conventional Israel lobby without bolstering the arguments of those who reject the legitimacy of a Jewish state. I have fought this fight as a board member of Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now and the Givat Haviva Education Fund, as well as a member of B’rit Tzedek v’Shalom, four groups on the American Zionist left.

Other credentials: as a NewYork-based media and public affairs strategist, I have represented many clients that needed to communicate with the American Jewish community, American politicians as well as opinion leaders on issues related to Israel and the Middle East. They have included Israel Policy Forum, Bar-Ilan University, the Abraham Fund, AMIT Women, B’nai B’rith International and others.

Moreover, I’ve also represented companies and trade associations with interests in Washington, DC. So I know how the denizens of K Street ply their trade and have learned a thing or two about the sausage-making (or, if you prefer, kosher hot dog- making) that is involved in shaping foreign policy.Â

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