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A diplomatic tool: the “freyer” factor

So just how much pressure can and should the U.S. apply to both Israelis and Palestinians after the Annapolis conference? The “P word” -pressure– still sends chills down the spines of too many mainstream American Jewish leaders, including those who know full well that, at times, Israeli Prime Ministers have desparately needed American pressure to […]

Ameinu American foreign policy American Jews Israel Middle East peace process

Rally for peace in Annapolis on Nov. 27th…

A number of Jewiish peace groups are trying to cobble together a rally in Annapolis next week (11/27). As of now, they include Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now, Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, Meretz USA, Union of Progressive Zionists, Kesher ARZA, Habonim Dror and Hashomer Hatzair. One of the problems that haunts peace-seeking people is that, let’s […]