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Give Israel’s Education Ministry credit: new text acknowledges Palestinian narrative

Yuli Tamir, Israel’s Education Minister, gets it. She and her staff have taken a tiny step towards a goal that has never been a priority for either Israel or the Palestinian Authority/PLO: acknowledging that there are two very different narratives at work here, two different ways of looking at the same set of events. Those […]

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Postscript on the JNF law: A matter of official Israeli policy, not private whim

Ken Bob, President of Ameinu, is a self-taught expert on the morass of official and semi-official Israeli institutions. For that alone, he deserves a medal. In an email, he cleared up an issue raised in the previous comment thread by “Chris,” who insisted that the JNF is a “private organization:” [The term] “JNF” causes some […]

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“Jerusalem Day” and the fiction of “unification”

Today is “Yom Yerushalayim,” or “Jerusalem day.” Haaretz has a very powerful editorial about the plight of Palestinian Arabs in East Jerusalem and the Israeli policies that are largely responsible for that plight. What do the advocates of the one-state solution say about Jerusalem? For decades, it has been two cities, not one. The Arabs […]

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Near the Dead Sea, a canary in a coal mine

There was a very disturbing, very sad story in Maariv yesterday. It describes a situation that is indefensable and ought to be condemned in the strongest possible terms: (Translation courtesy of Israel News Today). SEPARATE BATHING; IDF BANS PALESTINIAN FROM DEAD SEA by Felix Frisch IDF soldiers in the Jordan Valley this week received an […]