Aging Jewish lefties should enter the blogosphere

 From time to time, I’m going to alert my mostly middle-aged friends out there to the universe of progressive Jewish blogs that are worth looking at.  The deal here is that I am supposed to reference their posts very often and they are supposed to reference mine, and that is how we all get a wider audience. But I haven’t thought of anything useful to write about that would refer to them yet.  Anyway, here are just a few, which are also on my blogroll. By the way, some Zionist lefties believe Jewish Voices for Peace is somehow beyond the pale and not worth calling attention to. I heartily disagree. We may be uncomfortable with some of their positions and some of what they do, but they are worth listening to. So I’ve included Muzzlewatch, their excellent blog run by Cecilie Surasky  :

Jew School

Orthodox Anarchist


Tikkun Olam at

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