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Palestinian poll: Is the glass half full? Or half empty?

Remember, the title of this blog is “Realistic Dove.” According to Reuters, Palestinians appear to be split down the middle about whether the unity government should accept the international community’s demands about recognizing Israel, adhering to prior agreements and renouncing violence. Polls of the Palestinian community are notoriously sensitive to events on the ground. But […]

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Redefine the American Jewish-Israeli relationship

The organized American Jewish community and Israel are like a tired old married couple that lives together on the basis of old habits, not new realities. They need to make an effort to redefine their relationship so that both can benefit. (Full disclosure: I stole that simile from Jerry Goodman, former director of the National Committee for Labor Israel and […]

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Should Arab Americans and Jewish Americans join a new lobby?

Yesterday, Aviva called for a survey of American Jews and American Palestinians, indicating that the voices of the majority in both communities are often not heard. Great idea. What follows is an edited excerpt from a book I’m working on, tentatively titled “A Lobby for the Rest of Us.”   It is followed by another question from me. […]

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Signs of hope, believe it or not, for co-existence

My inaugural post.  Drum roll, please: A story in yesterday’s Maariv by Yonathan Haleli has gotten no attention in the U.S. It is about a poll of Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews. It begins on a predictably disturbing note, with responses indicating fear for the future on both sides. But dig a little deeper, and you will find an urge for co-existence and reconciliation […]