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Dan Fleshler, without his glasses, on Press TV…

Before the Iranian elections, I was interviewed for a show called “The Autograph” on Press TV, the Iranian English language network. It focused on me and is about 20 minutes long. You can find the link to the network archive here. Then click on “Autograph” and you’ll find the interview with Dan Fleshler. It was broadcast last night and will be on all week,although not in the U.S. Interesting time to be on Iranian T.V, huh?

I am reasonably happy with what I said, and that they did not delete the parts of the interview in which I spoke of Palestinian obligations to stop violence and incitement and the need to recognize the reality of the Jewish state…Ah, but I also used the term “Palestine” twice. So there will be something for everyone to grumble about.

3 thoughts on “Dan Fleshler, without his glasses, on Press TV…

  1. good interview. What I took away from it is that there’s no tidy solution to all this. It’s a big mess and will be for a long time, even when things begin to mend.

    It’s good to keep that in mind.

    Do Iranians actually get to watch this??

  2. Thanks. I was told that most of those who know English want to watch MTV and reality shows and perhaps the BBC, not news produced by Iranians….

  3. Dan,
    I thought it looked good except when you were asked at one point what is fair. You used a rather circular definition to explain yourself.

    If you really want to educate Iranians about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and American Jewry you might try getting one of the Farsi stations in Tehrangeles to interview you. I don’t know how many Iranians watch them, but at least their female presenters aren’t required to wear hejab.

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