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Errors in my book

I am mortified by a few factual errors in the book. They are the product of careless copyediting and proofreading. In fact, they are mystifying because they are so obvious, and I am not even sure how they got into the manuscript in the first place, let alone how I missed them during proofreading. Before any reviews appear, what follows are a few preemptive corrections. If you haven’t read it, perhaps this will motivate you to buy it:

p. 26, first full paragraph: The Sabra and Shatilla massacres occured in the Fall of 1982, not 1983. (Of course I knew that!)

p. 135, first full paragraph: This section addressed the loan guarantees controversy involving President Bush in 1991. I asserted: “Soviet Jewry was a cause that united much of the community in the 1990s.” It should have read: “1980s.”

In several places, the book refers to “Jewish Voices for Peace.” It is actually “Jewish Voice for Peace.” This was corrected in a proof that was sent to me, but somehow the correction was not made in the manuscript.

If there are others, please email me at dfleshler@yahoo.com.

6 thoughts on “Errors in my book

  1. Dan,
    I know from personal experience that errors happen to the best of us and it is very difficult for an author to read his/her own manuscript (especially an electronic version) with a critical eye and catch errors. Date errors where the year is off by one year means you probably just hit the wrong key when you were typing and didn’t notice.

    How about that review copy?

  2. I saw you on the PressTV clip that you were on with Phil Weiss.

    You presented yourself very well.

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