Next post will be after Labor Day…

..or perhaps before. I refuse to post anything unless I think it adds something useful and original to the conversation about the Middle East and/or American Jews. That means I am probably not suited to this medium. At one point last year, this blog was picking up a good many visitors. But when posts appear very sporadically, both the fans and the abusers start to drift away. So I am grateful to Y Ben David, Zach Leiner, Richard Witty, Tom Mitchell and others who recently carried on an intriguing interchange about the meaning of The Land, the meaning of The Word, the nature of Orthodox Judaism and related matters.

I am still plugging away at my book and will be finished any day now. Tomorrow, I am going on vacation for a week with my family, who are commanding me to have fun and stop thinking. If anyone cares, I will pay more attention to realistic dovishness very soon. In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the summer.

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