4 thoughts on “Review of my book in NY Jewish Week

  1. Read his review. He only deals with part of the book, as if it were nothing more than an analysis of the lobby. Most of the book is about whether we can build an alternative to the lobby. I found it a strange review, actually, because it missed so much of what you were trying to do.

  2. I’m going to be ordering the book shortly–and I’ve asked my local library to purchase it (they ask for patron recommendations).

  3. So Dan, if Aipac is destroyed. And the Obama administration carries through on its present course and realigns against Israel. And when American Jewry assimilates out of existence. And congress turns against Israel. Will that make you finally feel better? Will your life on the UWS be that much improved. Serious question?

  4. Bill, none of those things would make me feel better and all of them are inconceivable. I think it is the height of alarmism to depict the Obama administration’s present course as aligning “against Israel.” At this point, all tbe US will be able to do is help prevent both sides from taking more steps that preclude the possibility of peace. Serious answer

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